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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Taking A Break

A Welcome Break
A Lesson Learned

Slabs I
48 x48
Acrylic on Canvas

Sometimes it is necessary to change the routine, take a break, do something new and different.  It's part of the process of recharging the creative mind. Sometimes it is difficult to accept what may become perceived as 'down time'.  Over the years I have learned, not easily, to embrace time away from my studio. Let it shut down in effect.

Slabs I

This came with feelings of guilt, and questions about whether or not I would ever return, but there is always a return.  Those of us with creative minds cannot completely turn our back on the process. We are driven. 

Slabs I

So when the creative juices flood back into our being, our minds, our entire person, we can return to the studio refreshed. 

Slabs I

I have been taking such a break, but today the desire to get back in there flooded over me. Sometimes it can be something you see or hear that will stoke those creative juices. Other times it might be a situation as it was today.  When I was notified that Village Interiors, in Incline Village, Nevada sold another of my large Tahoe Rock paintings I felt compelled to place a new canvas on the easel.  I think visually revisiting the pallet of rich earth tones and translucent blues,  the deep dark fissures and shadows in and on the boulders struck a creative cord.  Thanks to Village Interiors for the sale and for the nudge causing a return to the studio.

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