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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lake Tahoe Boulders and Summer Equipment

Tools Of The Trade...

I am asked all the time about the inspiration for my paintings and if I paint and sketch on location. During the summer months I spend a lot of time out on Lake Tahoe looking, seeing, observing the environment, and it shows in my paintings. What doesn't show is some of my equipment, the boats and boards I use to get out on to the lake.  

Alden Quest Rowing Shell

This is my fabulous rowing shell.  It's quite a boat, and it's quite a bit of exercise both physically and mentally. This Alden Quest allows me to glide across the water with a camera and sketch book in the boat, stopping to snap photos or make quick drawings.

Betty Board from Lakeshore Paddleboard Co.

Joining the SUP (stand up paddleboard) craze last year has provided a completely different perspective on the lake. Because you are standing, you look down into the water and since this lake is clear to about 70' there is a lot to see and inspire. My Blue Betty, from Lakeshore Paddle Board Co. is stable, comfortable, and quick enough for me.  I take my camera in a water proof case but use my eyes and memory for sketches made later in the day.

Last, but certainly not least, my kayak.  This simple purple boat can carry almost anything I might want to cart along. Sometimes I take paints as well as the camera a sketchbook. It's a quieter, calmer way to navigate the lake allowing entry into small rock lined bays and the ability to sit still on the water for stretches of time.

It's easy to see why I spend so much time out on the lake during the summer months.  It's not only the vistas but the great boats and board that enable me to gather up all this inspiration.  

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