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Monday, May 4, 2015

Good Intentions. Mah Jongg. Painting.

Good Intentions !

Mah Jongg Collar with Wooden Tiles

 I have them, I really do, those good intentions.  In fact, I have great intentions, plans, and more plans.  All of this pertains to getting to my easel and away from the jewelry design table.  Painting is my passion.  Jewelry design is an addiction.  Oh boy, the addiction has been out in full force keeping me away from the easel.  

Mah Jongg Collar with Bone & Bamboo Tiles
Added to my personal collection

It's fun, challenging, and rewarding to resource materials and then create with those materials whether or not it's on the table or at the easel.  Right now it seems it's at the table, and you see some of the results in these photos.

Mah Jongg Necklace with Bone Betting Sticks and Bone Tiles

However, I have started a new canvas which is sitting on my easel waiting for the next step (it has already been through several), and it will be featured in my next blog post along with how the materials were sourced and used.  Though I have been enjoying my addiction, I have been able to feed my passion.  Turns out those good intentions are more than just intentions.

Mah Jongg Necklace with Bakelite Flower Tiles

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