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Friday, January 16, 2015

Delores Patencio, Coachella Valley Basket Weaver.

She Is Nearing Completion

The other day I was working on painting in the 'pips' on the paddle cactus when my harshest critic entered the studio...."I love this" were the words that came bursting out of his mouth.  Then this followed, "but....if it was my painting, and I mean I am not an artist, and you are the artist....but if it was mine, I would....."  Yes, my harshest critic who sometimes gets thrown out of the studio.

The 'pips' begin to appear

As mentioned in a previous post, a comment can make the mental wheels turn, so even though this critic is sometimes ignored, this time I listened, or at least heard. Based on one comment I decided to add more color and contrast to the faces.

After additional color and contrast.

Now it's back to painting in the 'pips' and the painting gets closer and closer to completion.

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