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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Color Field Painting

The First Color Field Inspired Painting Is Complete.

It started with a bit of an 'Oh My' moment when I opened the drawers that hold my pigments to find very few. was late at night and I wanted to paint.  Impossible to obtain additional paints at this hour. The drawers held only three colors:  Chromium Green Oxide, Duochrome Oceanic, and Red oxide.  I brushed on the green and then layered over a heavy application of the duochrome.  I left the room.

The next day I realized I wanted to add more light to the painting, it was early morning, so running out to the art supply store was not an option yet.  I remembered the left over wall paint in the garage which quickly made it's way into my studio and onto the canvas.

This was becoming an interesting challenge, the opportunity to create with what was at hand.  Slashing the Red Oxide across the canvas was a serendipitous movement, one that paid off with color tension and interesting movement.

 More layering of the wall paint brought definition to the  composition.

Wanting to retain minimal composition and allow the color field inspiration to continue led me to believe this painting was nearing completion, it just needed something more, a little something more.

Following intuition and color instinct, I knew the canvas was asking for another warm tone....all this cool green. Quinacridone Gold is one of my favorite pigments to use for glazing, so as soon as I could get my hands on a jar of this I brushed and rubbed it on some of the edges of the canvas. And that is it.  First Color Field inspired painting is complete. Now to begin another.

All The Poppies In The Moat
30 x 24

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