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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Commission Continued.

Lake Tahoe Boulders

It was a productive week in the studio, working on this Lake Tahoe Rock and Water commission.

 The boulders are beginning to take form on the canvas with the use of a limited palette.   This could be considered under painting, or laying down basic pigment colors, because eventually there will be glazing over these rock forms that will add additional color which will give these rocks a luscious form and texture.

For now, the rocks grow and change.  And there are a few minor changes to come, however this is the progress so far. Compare the image above with the image directly below to look for a couple minor changes that cause the balanced rock to move forward in the composition.  Can you see it?

And now look at the image below to see how the addition of a little lighter pigment on the rock below the balanced rock lets the eye see a more rounded form.

There is already another slight change, to show you next week, so come back.  The install date for this painting is coming up quickly, so I am running back to the easel.

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