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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Delores Patencio Again, Still, Another.

Started a New Larger Canvas.

Yes, a portrait of Delores Patencio and it is giving me fits.  Into every artist's life a bit of doubt, frustration, anxiety and anger will fall. And here it is.  Arrrgggg.  I am ready to paint over the entire thing, or take it off the easel and go back to the cactus triptych I started and have not completed.  Ok, yes, this is incomplete, lots more painting to do. There will be details, high lights, low lights, etc.  However I am not sure about this beginning.  

The other day someone mentioned to me they do not like to see my work until it is finished because they don't understand where I am going and hesitate to make a judgement.  Oh boy, I am constantly making a judgement about my own work, and that is where the doubt and frustration come in, not all the time, but certainly with this painting. 

I could procrastinate and keep myself away from the easel, but in all there is to do is return to the easel and continue.  

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