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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Indian Woman Portrait #6 Completed

After Some Relax and Refresh Time

Dat so la lee With Five Degikup
is complete.

Dat so la lee With Five Degikup
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

If you follow my Artist's Facebook page, you have seen photos of the painting as it progressed since my last blog post.  All the detail in this painting took hours and hours in front of the easel, and as it neared completion I decided to add the orange border around the design element that represents the throne back. That addition led to painting the wrapped edges of the canvas the same orange tone and smearing the pigment a little bit around onto the front of the canvas...that orange was created by mixing cad red, cad yellow and a bit of titanium white...all from the simple palette used for these Indian Woman Portraits.  I have talked about this in previous posts.

Detail showing edge of canvas painted orange.

 Each of the baskets represents actual baskets created by Dat so la lee, Queen of the Washoe Basket Makers.  The designs on her head scarf as well as the symbols across the upper 1/3 of the canvas are  are also inspired by a basket she wove. 

This portrait, #6 in the series, is painted with the same palette as the others however I included a great deal more titanium white to lighten the overall appearance.  I worked the paint in the body much like I do when I paint rocks.  

Here are the six completed paintings:

Dat so la lee with Eight Degikup


Dat so la lee

Sally Snooks

Queen of the Washoe Basket Makers

Dat so la lee with Five Degikup

I am plowing back into my research, sketching, coming up with what I will paint next in this series.  

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