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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Portrait Work.

It's Not All About Painting.

Right now it's about the research and well, really it is all about painting.  Last week I was scheduled to be in Washington DC doing research through the Smithsonian Museum for my series of Indian Women Paintings, however as we all know our government is shut down which meant the research was not going to happen.  Trip cancelled.

Dat so la lee

It's ok, there is plenty to see and read in Reno, Carson City, and Tahoe in our wonderful museums here, and they are open.  Also the Smithsonian Anthropology Department directed me to incredible on-line archives that are completely time consuming and fascinating.  

And then I am reading reading reading my way through several books.  

And yes, I am painting.  Here is how portrait #6 looks after additional work on the body and belt areas.  If you are familiar with my rock paintings you will notice the handling and technique of the body remain within my style. My goal here is to present a solid, stylized form. I also removed the hair that was falling over the shoulders and changed the eyes a bit. This painting is far from complete, so check back for additional up dates and photos.  

Now it is research time, a few hours every day.  

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