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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


My Favorite Inspiration

Actually I just wanted some exercise, I wasn't looking for inspiration, so I lowered my Alden Quest rowing shell from the davit on the pier into the crystal clear water of Lake Tahoe.  There is a process, a ceremony, to get the boat into the water, the oars in place, gloves on and myself into the boat.  Once settled, the oars skim over the glassy smooth water, as I propel the shell and my body, in a fluid, rhythmic cadence away from the shore, out towards my favorite rock formations.  This is almost meditative, it is so quiet and peaceful.  The rhythm is like a chant.   And certainly  this activity is inspirational for my painting because my mind can wander and the things I see, Oh My!

I think I see the rocks and water differently each time I am out there.  And certainly the conditions vary each time I am out there making the visuals unique.

But from these photos you can see why I am driven to paint my vision of these rocks and water.  The rocks are massive and powerful.  The colors are intensely clear and clean.  I wish you could feel the air.

Whether it is looking at the sky, the boulders, the surface of the water or down through the depths, it all become fascinating.  Captivating.  

I am smiling, at peace and energized at the same time.  I see the next painting and the one after that, and the one to follow.  All of a sudden I want to be in front of my easel, holding my palette, applying pigment to the canvas.  

Reversing the process, I glide back to the pier, go through the ceremony of replacing the boat in the davit, putting the oars away, taking a last look at the beauty of the lake and get myself inside to my sketch book.  The morning row didn't start out as a way to gather inspiration, but it certainly became that.

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