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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mural Painting

Giving Time to Help Another Painter

Even though I have a canvas on my easel, I took a few hours today to help a fellow artist work on her mural at Kings Beach Elementary School.  The design is based on a Shel Silverstein poem which deals with seeing things from a different point of view, hence the school bus in the clouds and the upside down tree.  There is more work to be done, children to be added, details here and there, but you get the idea.  I worked on the clouds and the tree greenery....such fun!

Some of the students have had the opportunity to be involved with the project giving them a sense of ownership and exposure to art.  That's a darn good thing since so many art programs have been removed from our schools.  And the whole idea of seeing your world from a different perspective is a inspiring thought for young children.  This is why I was very happy to give some time to this project.


  1. Thanks again Pamela, for your talented hands assisting today, as well as for your very pleasant company. It was so much fun to paint with you! I look forward to the next time we get to create together. I've posted a pic up on my FB page that shows how the tree evolved, and will post more tomorrow after the painting's inhabitants and other details emerge.

  2. I had a great time! I don't see the photo you mention. After the weather calms I will just go over to the school to take a look. We'll do it again.