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Monday, September 17, 2012

The Sense of an Ending for Painting and Graffiti Removal.

Golden Boulders

Yes, it is done.  At least I think so.  This painting anyway (unfortunately there is more graffiti to remove).  The canvas has been sitting on my easel for several weeks now and I did not feel it was complete,   however the removal of the graffiti that appeared on these rocks earlier this summer, during the time period when I was visiting the boulders to sketch them,  helped to put an end to the painting as well.  I guess having this composition in my studio was a reminder to get out onto the lake and get rid of the tagging, returning this pristine location to its natural state, the way it is portrayed in my painting.

After I discovered the graffiti I contacted California State Lands, the agency with jurisdiction over this particular place in the lake.  Because the state, and this agency, does not have the resources to remove the graffiti they gave me permission to remove or paint over the markings.

After a great deal of research I discovered the paint could be removed, which to me is the preferred situation. This past week another woman and I spent time dissolving, scraping, wiping removing the offensive graffiti (thank you Liz). Of course we were careful to keep anything from falling into the clear, clean Tahoe water.

And darn if there isn't more graffiti of the same type close by, however it is located across the state line inside Nevada.  California and Nevada have different rules, regulating agencies, and property lines.  This Nevada graffiti is considered to be on private property, so I contacted the land owner and now have permission to remove these additional tags on the boulders at her property.  

Golden Boulders

Painting completed.  Graffiti removal completed at this location.  Now to remove the additional tags.  Perhaps I will see the boulders from a new and different direction which will encourage a new canvas.

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  1. I'm so saddened to hear that people are putting graffiti on the boulders. Thank goodness for people like you who give up their personal time to remove it :) Kudos to you and Liz!!!

  2. Good thing the owner of the land went on with the procedure. It really is sad when properties are vandalized by inappropriate graffiti. It takes away the natural beauty of a structure, and, sometimes, it can also lead to its deterioration. Removing them in a meticulous and right manner can be a way to somehow restore their previous look.