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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours!

A Descriptive Adage

Here I am in the middle of three commissions, working on them simultaneously, getting a bit scattered, finding my center, and then it starts to pour.

It's a good pour, but it is a bit drenching.  I am not complaining; it's all good.

Before I left for Mexico I was deep into these three commissions, and just before leaving I picked up three small canvases to paint for the Artists' Council of the Palm Springs Art Museum for their fund raising event, 99 Bucks.  More about that event in a later post.  This adds three small paintings to be created.

The small canvas I painted for 99 Bucks last year.

Then two days ago I receive another commission.  Great!  It fits into my schedule.  It's for the new, under construction, state-of-the-art, rural cancer center in Truckee, CA.  Click HERE to be redirected to their web site.  I am one of a few artists who have been commissioned and will create a painting based on my Sticks and Stones Series.  Click HERE to be redirected to that series pictured on my web site.  The painting will be a rock cairn;   the palette will be jewel tones;  the meaning will focus on balance, clarity and power.  You will see it on this blog. This adds one more to the queue of canvases to be painted. Up to six now.

And then, just today, I receive a package in the mail from Placer Arts.  I had received an invitation from them to create a work of art, with a box they provide.  Title of the exhibition:  Outside The Box.  I thought I would receive a small, already constructed box with which to work.  What a surprise to get a mid sized, flat package!  Curious.  Another surprise to open the package and find the tidy bundle of wood slats!  Love the way they were tied together with simple twine.  This is going to be an interesting challenge.

The top slat is about 8"x28"

Do you get the deluge that's going on here?  As I said, it's all good!  

The Gallery Wall commission is nearing completion.  My goal is to have it installed by the end of this week, and I will post photos once it is done.

Now,  just in case you would like to read the definition of 'adage' and get a bit more info about what it is, click HERE.  As for me, I will just get back to the studio and enjoy the pour.

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