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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sketching for A Commission

And Getting the General Idea on Paper First

I took some time to get a bit of exercise on a rainy day in the desert, so it was into the gym and onto the exercise bike.  Not my favorite way to exercise.  I'd rather be outside where I can look around and see everything there is to see, but it was raining, and while I know I won't melt in the rain, it just seemed more expedient to go inside today.  

Sitting next to me was a friend who asked about my palm painting and my preparation for a commission.  " Do you make notes as well as drawings?" was her question.

Yes Yes Yes....I do.  Not always detailed notes because so much of what an artist does to create is carried around in the head.  And sometimes those notes become obsolete during the process as changes are made, so mine are fairly brief.

This discussion with my cycling buddy made me think you might like to see a few pages from my sketch book, with the notes.  I get the general composition with positive and negative space delineated in the sketches, the palette recorded in the notes, always the date, and any other thoughts I think are pertinent to the process.  It is all very general in the sketch book.

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