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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Entering the Holiday Season

Take a New and Fresh look at Pine Cones
And Different Ways to Use Them

Sugar Pine Cone III
Giclee Print 16x12"  $150.
6 Note Cards $25.

Framed pine cone art brings a touch of the holidays into your home.

Mt. Hemlock Horizontal
Giclee Print 12x16" $150.
6 Note Cards $25.

A bundle of pine cone note cards, tied with a festive ribbon, makes an appreciated hostess gift, or a delightful holiday table decoration.

Two Jeffrey Cones
Giclee Print 12 x 16"  $150.
6 Note Cards $25.

Or place a note card on a small easel and add it to your holiday decorations.

Pine Cone II
6 Note Cards $25.

Mt. Hemlock Vertical
Giclee Print 16x12" $150.
6 Note Cards $25.

And remember to have cards on hand for invitations and thank you notes.

Pine Cone I
Giclee Print 12x16" $150
6 Note Cards $25

Carolina Cone
6 Note Cards $25.

You may also order mixed bundles of the pine cone note cards.

Click Here to contact me with questions, conversation or an order.
Orders are subject to sales tax and shipping charges.

I follow several other bogs.  One of them had a post the other day with photographs of interesting ways to use pine cones for the holidays.  I hope you will visit the blog and take a look at the photos as they are beautiful as well as inspirational.  Click  on this link to journey over to the site:  La Dolfina .
 I think you will like it.

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