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Monday, July 5, 2010


8x10" study for 'Cracks'

The other day I was visiting with another painter about our palettes and which hues we use when we head into our studios to paint.  It was interesting to compare her full palette of many colors to my very restricted.  Several years ago I deleted black and allowed myself no more than four or five hues, including white.   When painting my Tahoe Rocks I was limiting myself to raw umber, burnt umber, pthalo blue, raw sienna, and titanium white.  Today, after going back to black under painting, I have reintroduced black on the palette.  

Acrylic on Canvas

As can be seen in the photo above, the 48" x 60" painting (on the upper portion of the wall) was created with raw umber, pthalo blue, pthalo turquoise, cobalt blue, titanium white, ivory black, and quinacridone gold.  I am still mixing color into the shadows, but blending it with some of the ivory black.

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