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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If you have not been to Lake Tahoe, you may find it difficult to imagine the rocks and water as I paint them. Lake Tahoe is a masterpiece of nature, formed 5 - 10 million years ago by geologic faults, volcanic activity and glaciers. The spectacular blue of Tahoe comes from the thin, clear, mountain air that allows the lake's pure, crystalline water to reflect the blue sky above. The water truly is clear. If you drop a quarter off the side of a boat you can watch it sinking and see it to depths of 75'. The lake's blues range from transparent through aquas to deep royal.

I create compositions inspired by the massive granite boulders that are piled, stacked, and balanced around the lake's edge and paint them in stylized expressionism. Last week I delivered three new Tahoe Rock paintings to Pablo's Gallery in Tahoe City. The largest, 48" x 30", is pictured here.

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